District Heating

Municipal heat


Nominal boiler output: from 300 kW to 30,000 kW per boiler

Wood is a carbon neutral fuel and sustainable domestic source of energy.
Every biomass-powered heating plant helps protect the climate and the environment.
Significant value is also added in terms of regional agriculture and forestry.
District heating tariffs are not affected by changes in the price of oil and other fossil fuels.
As part of the distribution network, insulated and flexible special plastic or iron pipes are laid to the end consumer.
The equipment and installations used in local heating networks have been tried and tested over many decades, are of the latest technological standard and user friendly.
This guarantees a long life-cycle and low maintenance costs.
The house transfer station is installed directly in the customer’s house at the access point of the district heating pipe.
It includes the heat exchanger, the heat meter, an electronic controller for the heating circuit and a pump controller for the heating pump.
This house transfer station is then connected to the conventional central heating system.

POLYTECHNIK offers you guaranteed solutions for your district heating plants - not just standard solutions but solutions to problems crafted to meet specific individual demands and the economic use of various fuels.

Municipal heat


Municipal heat