Combustion Technology

POLYTECHNIK supplies biomass fuel combustion plants with a performance range of 300 kW - 30,000 kW (single boiler output).
Different combustion systems are employed depending on the type and moisture content of the fuel.
Hot water, high temperature water, steam or thermal oil are used as a heat transfer medium.
The plants can be used to produce heating and process heat as well as to generate energy (steam or ORC process).
Electrical output ranges from 200 kW to 20,000 kW (power).

POLYTECHNIK combustion plants are used in trade and industrial operations (wood processing).
Within the last 20 years, the generation of communal heat in local and district heating networks has been added to the mix.
The company is also involved in the preparation and crushing of fuel materials.

BIOMASS - the renewable carbon energy source

BIOMASS - the infinitely renewable and natural fuel which utilises the solar energy stored in wood!
In times of ever increasing energy prices and depleting oil and gas reserves, alternative energies are gaining importance.
What could be more obvious than generating energy from renewable resources available in such abundance?
This form of energy is one of the most environmentally friendly.
Growing plants turn the carbon released by the burned wood back into oxygen.

Graphical illustration of the carbon cycle

Some examples of fuels:

seed husks

Elephant grass

Fine dust

and grains

Corn chips

Mixed substances

Timber waste

Forestry waste


Horse manure

Rice husks