Power and cogeneration

Generating electricity from biomass

Biomass electricity

Nominal boiler output: from 300 kW to 30,000 kW per boiler

Steam process
(Saturated or superheated steam) - Energy generation using steam turbines or steam engines.

ORC process
ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) with thermal oil as a heat transfer medium and an organic evaporation agent.
Energy generation using turbines.

Plant operating method
- heat-operated
- power-operated

The heat-operated method is essentially the classic CHP plant.
Electricity generation depends on the quantity of emitted heat.
Working at nominal heat output produces electricity at full capacity;
correspondingly lower amounts are produced from partial loads.
When operating in power-operated mode, the plant is driven by the full electrical capacity and the generated heat must be completely dissipated after energy generation.
It is always possible to uncouple the heating and process heat.