Crushing machines

  • Customer base:
  • wood processing industry / general industry / municipal sector
  • Power output: from 11 kW to 150 kW

RS Series

Type RS 30

RS Series
The RS series crushing machines are extremely robust and low-wear.
They are employed in a diverse range of crushing applications.
The main areas of application are carpentry and joinery workshops, furniture companies and sawmills.

The machines operate at a slow speed making them very quiet and low-wear.
The crushing machines are fitted with four cutting mechanisms of special steel.
The discharge and infeed plates, developed and patented by us, optimise the operation of the cutting mechanisms.
The output shafts are mounted on swivel-joint roller bearings.
The machines are driven by one or two motors and hardened gear wheels.
The throughput of the machines depends on the material to be crushed and the size of the granules required.


Type RS 30

Type RS 40

Carpentry and joinery workshops

Furniture companies


LR Series

Type LR 1000

LR Series
The LR series crushing machines use an output-controlled hydraulic plate to crush the wood against a dual-profile rotor.
The special dual-profile rotor also relieves the load on the bearings and the gears.
The tilted hydraulic plate makes it possible to crush even large pieces of wood quickly and evenly before being separated by a sieve.
The unit is driven by a PLC-controlled electric motor.


Type LR 1000

Type LR 630

Electric motor
Controlled by

MR Series

Type MR 2500

MR Series
High throughput, low maintenance costs and high availability make the MR1500, MR2000 and MR2500 high performance shredders indispensible components of a modern biomass cogeneration plant.
A special protection system for the cutting mechanism tools is available as an optional extra.
Any non-crushable foreign object finding its way into the cutting mechanism is segregated using the fully hydraulic lowerable cutter bars.