Control system

Spark control unit

The spark control unit

This displays all the relevant operating conditions, supplies the voltage required by the spark sensor and extinguishing device (including emergency power supply and rechargeable battery), monitors the pressure booster system, the heating band controller (required if the extinguishing device is installed outdoors), and the spark sensor and extinguishing device functions.
It may also be used to control a log printer.
This may be used to print out all relevant date- and time-stamped data.
The extinguishing device is triggered when the spark sensor detects a spark.
Water fog with a min. pressure of 6 bar is briefly sprayed on the conveyor system to extinguish the sparks.
The precise dosage of water does not affect the filter systems located downstream.
Other extinguishing agents may be used as required for materials which cannot be extinguished using water (e.g. halon or CO2).

Example of a control unit


Spark control unit