Spark detection and extinguishing systems

Polytechnik spark-extinguishing systems (c)

Spark-extinguishing system

In many cases, the installation of a spark-extinguishing system is required by law or for insurance purposes (lower insurance premiums).
We recommend installing our spark-extinguishing system in any hazardous operational area in order to prevent personal injury, material damage and loss of production.

Main components

  • Spark control unit
  • Spark sensor
  • Spark-extinguishing system
  • Pressure booster system (as required)

The following characteristics make our individually placeable spark sensors stand out from the rest:
- robust construction
- simple and easy to install
- guaranteed spark detection
- ease of maintenance
- autonomous inspection

Polytechnik spark-extinguishing systems (c)

Wherever flammable materials or suspended particles are found, there is a risk of flying sparks.

The consequences are:
Danger to employees, damage to the conveyor systems, filter explosion(s), smouldering fires in silos and bins.
Fire damage and loss of production are mere symptoms.

Spark sensors detect any sparks or other hot particles.

The sensors transform the infrared radiation detected from the sparks into an electrical signal.
This radiation can still be detected through any accumulated dust due to its high penetration power.
The following characteristics make our individually placeable spark sensors stand out from the rest: robust construction, simple and easy to install, guaranteed spark detection, ease of maintenance, autonomous inspection.
The signals emitted by the spark sensors are picked up by the control unit and evaluated within the shortest possible time.
The corresponding extinguishing devices are then activated.
Each line has an electronic spark counter installed as standard which is able to trigger additional counter measures (e.g. automatic disconnection of the equipment).

Installing a spark-extinguishing system within an existing materials handling system is extremely simple and can be carried out by company employees themselves using the assembly instructions.

The spark sensor and the nozzles of the extinguishing system should not overhang the inside of the piping in order not to affect the rate of flow.

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