Mission and Values

Company philosophy

Managing Director (CEO)

Leo Schirnhofer

Polytechnik is one of the major suppliers of ventilation and combustion technology systems and is renowned for the planning and supply of turnkey biomass combustion plants for combined heat and power generation.
A family company, we are committed to sustainable industrial research and technological development and our innovative products and services have secured our competitive position in the international market.
In co-operating with academic institutes we are blending science with economics.
We are thus promoting the integirty of all concerned to the absolute benefit of our customers.
Our process-oriented organisation provides a solid base for us to turn the expectations of our customers into reality.
This is done by means of bespoke project planning and innovative user-oriented solutions going beyond the latest state of the art technology.

If we had a mission statement

it would be: Good teamwork based on trust and reliability.

Our drive - our motivation

Of course, we could trot out the same routine phrases you’ve heard a thousand times before on the screen, on the radio, from sales reps, adverts, web-sites and the televsion:

  • Our customer is king ...
  • We process it at the drop of a hat ...
  • Our prices can’t be beaten ...
  • We can provide you with anything you want ...
  • etc.

But let’s be honests here ... would you rather be flattered like a King and be given the advice of a know-it-all at bargin basement prices?
And all that in passing at a great rate of knots.
If that’s what you want then you have come to the wrong place.
Every one of our customers and every one of our projects is cared for and managed individually,
incorporating the customised concepts of people who have been producing professional solutions in their field of expertise for many years.
Personality, individuality and creative freedom take pride of place in our work.
This is the only way to achieve perfect performance you can build on in the future.