-up to 20,000 kWth

Cogeneration References


More than 2,500 POLYTECHNIK plants have already been installed world-wide.

The following photos and videos provide a brief introduction to some of these plants.
These reference pages represent only a small cross-section of countries/continents and kW outputs.
We are happy to provide further references more local to you on request, and to arrange a viewing appointment.
Please contact a member of staff.

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Electricity up to 20,000 kWth

Hennigsdorf (KPG) 12,000 kWth (DE) 2009

Kenertec Daegu 1 (1st of three plants) 15,700 kWth (ROK) 2005

Kenertec Daegu 2 (2nd of three plants) 15,700 kWth (ROK) 2005

Lesozavod 25 ZAO 15,000 kWth (RU) 2006

Oberhausen Biostrom 12,150 kWth (DE) 2011

Tilly Holzindustrie 11,300 kWth (AT ) 2005

Utena 10,700 kWth (LT) 2012

Ziegler 14,000 kWth (DE) 2007