-up to 5,000 kWth

Cogeneration References


More than 2,500 POLYTECHNIK plants have already been installed world-wide.

The following photos and videos provide a brief introduction to some of these plants.
These reference pages represent only a small cross-section of countries/continents and kW outputs.
We are happy to provide further references more local to you on request, and to arrange a viewing appointment.
Please contact a member of staff.

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Electricity up to 5,000 kWth

Albstadt 1,720 kWth (DE) 2010

Dürnkrut 2,200 kWth (AT) 2008

Hürtgenwald 4,320 kWth (DE) 2007

Jahrdorf 4,850 kWth (DE) 2006

Kuldiga 4,000 kWth (LV) 2012

Loreal 4,180 kWth (ES) 2014

Oberallgäu Bio Energie 4,500 kWth (DE) 2005 /VIDEO

Rudolec Cesky 2,000 kWth (CZ) 1994